The information you include should show an understanding of basic concepts associated with your study. It should include technical terms that are related to your research. Be sure to incorporate information related to your topic/features from scientists and written sources making sure to cite those references appropriately.

1. Name and define the feature(s) you are studying as the focus of your research
Ø The feature(s) should be visible in astronaut photography images
Ø You may be studying more than one feature as part of your research. If so, list all features you will be researching.
Ø Definitions should indicate an understanding of what the feature is.

I am just testing to see if we have a different color for our questions and if it is easier to then see student responses.

2. Explain basic information about this feature(s) including what basic Earth system it is related to (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, or biosphere) and how it is related to that sphere.

  1. Although there is always an interaction between spheres, which sphere most closely relates to your research?

  1. What is the significance/importance/role of this feature within this Earth system?

  1. If what you are studying plays a major role in another Earth system as part of your study, please explain.

3a. Describe the process of how this feature is formed?
Ø If you are focusing on more than one feature, describe the formation process associated with each feature.
Ø Be sure to include information on factors and conditions that affect the formation of the feature(s).