The EEAB Student Wiki has three main purposes:
1. Provide information that may be helpful for students teams conducing research.
2. Provide a site for students teams to share/publish their research.
3. Provide a forum for classes working as a team to get input from a STEM professional/mentor.

We welcome all student teams to request to have their own EEAB Team Wiki so you can share and publish your research. Publishing your work on your own EEAB Team Wiki is optional but is a great way to incorporate the use of technology in the classroom. It also allows you to show off the work you are doing in the classroom.

There are two options for your EEAB Team Wiki:
  • OPTION 1: Have the entire class work as 1 research team. The benefit of this option is that these teams will have the opportunity to work with a mentor. Mentors are NASA scientists, University scientists, or other science experts.
  • OPTION 2: Have multiple small groups of students working as research teams.The benefit of this option is that you and a small group of students will be able to focus on your own research interests and debate your ideas within your small group.

To get your own EEAB Team Wiki set up, have your teacher fill out the Wiki Request Form.
Students reading comments on their EEAB Team Wiki from mentor Dr. Will (pictured on the left).