When working as a team, whether you are conducting research, participating in a sporting activity, or working together towards a common goal, it is important for everyone to agree to a common set of expectations. The guidelines listed below are provided to help promote teamwork, integrity, and core values that will help contribute to your overall success as you work as a team:

Be Respectful

  • Respect yourself, your team, and others
    • Treat other people and their ideas with respect. We don't always have to agree with one another, but we should always listen and respect suggestions, thoughts, and ideas from others.
    • This workspace is an area where students, teachers, and mentors work together. Be sure to always use appropriate language. The use of foul language is not acceptable.
    • Everyone is an important and valuable member of the team. All team members make valuable contributions.

Be Open-minded

  • Look for knowledge that will strengthen you and your team, and be receptive to new ideas
    • Look for innovative ways to solve problems.
    • Be open to discuss new ideas suggested by anyone. A fresh new idea from someone could help provide a new perspective on something that may help your team progress with their research.
    • Take constructive input as a positive contribution. Input is not meant as criticism -- it is provided as a tool to learn and better yourself.

Be Trustworthy

  • Act with integrity and honor
    • Always communicate openly and honestly with your team and others.
    • Always be true to your work and honor your promises.
    • Always be truthful, sincere, and ethical.

Be Accountable

  • Be responsible for your actions
    • Be sure to follow through on your work and complete it to the best of your ability.
    • Plan what to do, and do what you plan.
    • Be responsible for your own work as it is important for you as well as for your team.