The EEAB Project Development Team selected Wikispaces as the host for the the project wiki and participating school wikis. Wikispaces is a proven leader in providing free wiki services to thousands of schools across the country and around the world.


Step 1: Fill out the Wiki Request Form

Step 2: You, as the teacher, will receive an e-mail invitation to join your own wiki(s). You will then need to select a user name and a password if you are not already a member of Wikispaces.

Step 3: A new wiki will be created for each of your teams. You will be provided with a direct link to your Team Wiki(s).
Your wiki will also be included in the list of participating teams on the **Team Wiki Links**.

Step 4: To access the wiki, you will need to log on using your username and password.

Student Login and Password Recommendations:
  • You might consider selecting a few dependable students to begin the wiki editing process from 1 computer. For example, if you login with your username and password, you can have your students post information to the wiki and then log out once they are finished.
  • You may want to request 2-5 student logins/passwords so that you can have a small group of dependable students be responsible to update the team wiki. By limiting the number of students with logins/passwords you can better control the editing process.
  • You can request additional logins/passwords for your students at any time. Basically, you determine which students, how many students, and how soon the students will have individual editing access to the wiki.