As you work on your Expedition Earth and Beyond research, you may find these resources helpful. As we find or create additional resources, we will post them on this page.

1.Crater Info/Metadata

Have you looked at the images of craters from the Blue Marble Matches Activity? This document includes metadata (information) about those 8 craters used in the activity.
Blue Marble Matches Crater Image Metadata

2.Sample Investigation: Blank Research Planning Outline

Are you wondering how to plan and begin to organize your research? The following 2-page document provides a Blank Research Planning Outline you might find useful as you plan your research investigation.
Research Planning Outline - Use as a guide to help you plan your investigation.

Check out the Sample Investigation (below) as a guide to help you create your own. Page 1 may be helpful as you begin to structure your investigation. Page 2 gives you a data table with a few suggested types of data to log. Decide how to best structure your data table based on your research planning outline.

3.Sample Investigation: Hurricanes

The following 2-page document provides a sample Hurricane Investigation Project. Page 1 may be helpful to see how to begin structuring a project and page 2 is a sample data table with 3 sets of data logged.
Sample Hurricane Investigation: Use this sample to "jump start" your investigation focusing on the "eye" of hurricanes or use this as a guide to help you structure your own investigation.