WIKI 101
This page provides some useful information on editing your wiki. For additional information on using any of the features of your wiki, click on the Help button found at the bottom of your page.


  • The most important tool for placing content on your wiki is the EDIT tab found near the top of the page. When you click on the EDIT tab, an editing menu bar appears, and the page now becomes a working document. You can simply click in the location you want your text to appear and start typing.

  • The image below provides some information on the tools you will likely use the most.


  • IMPORTANT - After the teacher or students have finished adding content, you will need to click on the SAVE button in order to save your changes.

  • Notice the editing menu bar includes several formatting options. From left to right they are: bold text, italic text, underline text, style text, size text, numbered list, bulleted list, line, Link (to other websites or other pages within the same wiki), File (for uploading and inserting images, video, etc.), Widgets, Tables, undo, redo, Preview, and Cancel.


Aside from editing text on your wiki, you will likely want to insert files or images quite often. Click on the file below (available as a pdf or word file) for instructions on how to insert a file or image.

We look forward to following your team research!!