1. What is your science question?
Ø Your question should focus on a specific feature(s) and/or geographic location.
Ø You should be able to answer your question by using astronaut photography images.

What types of sand dunes can you see from space? Are specific sand dune types found in certain areas of Earth?
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2. What led your team to focus on the research you plan to conduct with this project?
  1. How did you go about narrowing your research project?

We live near the beach and were discussing the sand dunes in our area. We thought it would be interesting to see if we saw similar types of dunes from space.

  1. Why was this question interesting to your team?

This question was interesting to our team because of the sand dunes in our area. We didn't realize there were different types of sand dunes and we want to figure out what types there are and where they exists. We are wondering if the types of sand dunes we have here are also found in different parts of the world.

3. What is the importance of this research?
  1. What implications or impact does researching this question provide to you or society?

We're not yet sure what the implications of this is. As we do more research, we will find out.
  1. How will answering this question be important in understanding our Earth better?

This will help us understand areas on our Earth better. Are sand dunes near a beach different from sand dunes in the middle of a desert. What does this tell us about wind patterns on Earth and how they affect the land.

4. After looking at images and data, what hypothesis have you formulated about the answer to your question? Include specific observations that lead you to formulate this hypothesis.

Ø This is your best educated guess as to what you may feel the answer to your question may be. For some projects formulating a hypothesis may not be necessary.
Ø It is best to look at images related to your question and formulate your hypothesis(es) based on the trends or patterns you have seen in those preliminary observations and data. You should never formulate a hypothesis as just a blind guess. It is an educated guess based on observations.