You may find these resources helpful as you plan your research.

Blue Marble Matches Crater Metadata

This document includes impact crater metadata (information) about the 8 craters used in the Blue Marble Matches Activity.
Blue Marble Matches Crater Image Metadata

Sample Investigation: Blank Research Planning Outline

The following 2-page document provides a Blank Research Planning Outline you might find useful as you plan your research investigation. Check out the other Sample Investigations as a guide to help you create your own. Page 1 may be helpful as you begin to structure your investigation. Page 2 gives you a data table with a few suggested types of data to log. Decide how to best structure your data table based on your research planning outline.
Research Planning Outline - Use as a guide to help you plan your investigation.

Sample Investigation: Hurricanes

The following 2-page document provides a sample Hurricane Investigation Project. Page 1 may be helpful to see how to begin structuring a project and page 2 is a sample data table with 3 sets of data logged.
Sample Hurricane Investigation: Use this sample to "jump start" your investigation focusing on the "eye" of hurricanes or use this as a guide to help you structure your own investigation.

Mud Volcanoes