• Each EEAB Team Wiki provides participating teams of students with the opportunity to share their research.

  • Wondering what your EEAB Team Wiki will look like? Check out the EEAB Team Wiki Template or see the screen shot of the home page shown below.
  • As you can see, your Team Wiki will include a link/page for your team to provide information on each step of the process of science. Your team can decide to use the provided template/outline as a guide, or edit and change your Team Wiki pages so it reflects an outline that works best for your team. You will notice the last link of your Wiki page is labeled Other Information or Activities. This is generally a blank page. You may choose to optionally post information that may be useful for your research.

  • The Team Workspace structure is aligned with the 9-step modeled process of science outlined in the Expedition Earth and Beyond Student Scientist Guidebook.

  • Teachers can request a wiki(s) for their student teams by filling out the Wiki Request Form. Consider the following as you make your request:
    • Request 1 wiki for a class working as 1 team. These teams will have the opportunity to work with a mentor.
    • Request multiple wikis for small groups of students conducting research. Classes working in multiple small groups will not be assigned a mentor.

  • Check out this SAMPLE WIKI page (Crater Comparisons). This WIKI can be used to help you conduct an impact crater investigation AND/OR it can give you ideas of what to include on your own EEAB Team Wiki.