The main purpose of your Team Wiki is for you and your research team to share your progress during each step of your research investigation.

Keep in mind the following tips:
  • A wiki is simply a webpage that you can easily edit. You can add text, add pictures, link websites, or whatever you need to help share your research.

  • As you work on your Team Wiki, if you draw an image illustration or create a graph that you want to show and include on your wiki, you can always take a picture or take a screen shot and upload that file/picture to your wiki.

  • Other teams and scientists may view your Team Wiki to check out your team’s research. Make sure the information you post is ORGANIZED!!

  • If your team wants to change how your Team Wiki is organized, feel free to do so – but make sure your logged information is logical and organized.

  • A mentor may be assigned to classes working as 1 team as you begin to log information in Step 4 (Experiment Design) of your research. Be sure to acknowledge comments posted by your mentor so they know you have received their messages – and so you can build a relationship with your mentor.

Feel free to check out the Crater Comparisons Wiki for ideas on what information to include on your own Team Wiki.