If you will be sharing your research on your own Team Wiki, be sure to follow these general guidelines:
  • Posting Guidelines

    • Your EEAB Team Wiki will be your own team's set of research pages. If you are one of the Wiki editors, be sure the information you post reflects the work of your team.
    • DO NOT include full student names anywhere on your team pages. First name last initial should only be used if that is suitable according to your school/district/organizational guidelines.
    • Teachers: Please be sure to use the website posting guidelines provided by your school/district/organization. Be sure to monitor your students work and posts.
  • Pictures

    • As you work on your team pages, if your school/district/organization policy allows it, feel free to post pictures.
    • We ask that you DO NOT include any names (first names OR last names) of individuals included in any pictures.
  • Text

    • As you include information on your team pages, here are some aspects to consider:
      • Use the outline provided OR edit any given page to post information relevant to your research.
      • You can use bulleted information or outline your information to get across your main points.
      • Do not use short hand or abbreviated words like you are texting someone. Your team research pages should be considered a formal and professional site.
      • Do not use foul language when writing and posting information on your team page or in any discussion areas.
      • Make sure your information is ORGANIZED, well thought out, and carefully written. Too many spelling and grammatical errors might lead people to believe you don't care about the quality of your work -- including the science you are conducting!